Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Minumula Vadalu (whole black gram fritters)

What I used:

Minumulu (Whole black gram) : 1 cup
Green chillies : 5 to 7
Ginger : 2 inch piece (chopped)
Garlic : 6 cloves
Cumin seeds : 1 tbsp
Coriander seeds : 1 tbsp (You can also use fresh coriander) 
Salt : as required
Oil : for deep frying

How I did:
  • Soak minumulu overnight in enough water.  Next morning, wash them two to three times and strain in a colander.
  • In a mixer grinder jar, take green chillies, chopped ginger, garlic cloves, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, salt and grind into a smooth paste.  As the quantity would be less, it wont easily grind itself.  Add a fistful of soaked minumulu which helps the grinding.
  • Add minumulu and just run on pulse for two or three times.
  • Meanwhile heat oil in a kadai on medium high flame.  
  • Transfer the mixture to a bowl.  Take some water in a small bowl and keep aside. 
  • Moisten your hands with water and take a lemon sized mixture with your right hand.  Make a ball and place it onto your left hand palm and gently press and flatten it.  Drop it into the oil.  Similarly make few more vadas and drop into the oil.
  • Deep fry till they turn to golden brown on the edges and flip them over.
  • Let them fry till they turn to golden brown color on the other side too.
  • Transfer to a paper napkin which absorbs the excess oil.
  • Serve with tomato ketchup.

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  1. Hey thats a nice one how r u now??/ how is everythng...
    Finaly with a new dish and those looking very nice and yummy...:)


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