Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Challa Pindi

This is a type of upma made with rice flour and sour curds. Mom prepares this for breakfast whenever curd is leftover at home. Challa Pindi doesn't taste good if the curds are not sour enough.  Here in US usually the curds won't turn that sour because we keep it in the refrigerator . Even if we leave it outside, it won't turn sour because of the cool weather.  As usual I add little lemon juice to fill up that sourness.

What I used:

Rice flour : 1 cup
Sour curd : 1 cups (well whisked)
Water : 1 cup
Green chillies : 4 to 5 (slit lengthwise)
Onions : 1/2 (chopped)
Mustard seeds : 1/ 2 tsp 
Bengal gram : 1 tbsp
Urad dal : 1/2 tsp 
Cumin : 1/2 tsp 
Turmeric : a big pinch 
Curry leaves : a few
Red Chilli : 1 (broken) 
Lemon juice : 1 tsp or as required (optional)
Salt : as required
Cooking Oil : 1 tbsp

How I did:
  • To 1 cup of curd add 1 cup of water and whisk well. To this mix rice flour, salt and turmeric powder and keep it aside.
  • Heat 1 tbsp of oil in a kadai and add mustard seeds, bengal gram, urad dal, cumin and red chilli pieces.
  • When the seeds start spluttering, add slit green chillies and curry leaves.
  • Saute for a while and add chopped onions.  Cook till they turn translucent.
  • While stirring, add the rice flour mixture slowly and keep stirring till it starts bubbling. Adjust the salt if any and switch off the stove when the rice flour is cooked.  Add lemon juice and mix.
  • Serve hot as breakfast.


  1. This looks awesome...mouth watering.

  2. We call them as mor kali, challa pindi looks wonderful..

  3. This looks soo good. never tried this before...

  4. the title got me wondering..... now i know, looks delicious!

  5. never heard of this before...thanks for sharing..

  6. I remember my mom preparing this as mor kazhi..Very tempting..

  7. Sounds good.
    p.s. when I want some to turn, I leave it near the stove so it will get warm and so more sour. Thought that might help...

  8. completely new to me...very interesting recipe..
    Tasty appetite

  9. Never heard about this, looks very yummy.

  10. I had this once from my frined's place..Simply delicious..!!

  11. this seems like our version of mor kali which is very delicious and tasty.


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