Monday, August 2, 2010

Dinosaur Idlis

What  I used:

Idli Batter : 2 cups
Dinosaur shape cookie cutter or any desired shape. 
Few items for decoration : food color, butter, tomato ketchup, cherries, carrots, sprouts, cheese, M&Ms

What I did:
  • First you need a pressure cooker or an idli vessel and a shallow plate or bowl small enough to fit in the cooker or idli vessel.
  • Take the shallow plate or bowl and grease with some butter.  Pour the idli batter upto about 1 inch thickness in the plate.
  • Pour a glass of water in the presser cooker or idle steamer whichever you are going to use an put the idli plate in it.  Cook on medium high flame for 7 to 10 minutes or until idli is cooked. 
  • Let cool for 5 to 10 minutes.  Carefully remove the idli from the plate and transfer to a cutting board.
  • Using the cookie cutters cut into desired shapes.  Explore your creations an decorate as per your taste.

Make it a canvas for your painting (sorry I'm not a good food painter)

Apply some butter and decorate it sprouts and veggies

Apply some butter and arrange some fruit pieces on the top

Apply some butter and make it colorful with M&Ms

Apply some tomato ketchup and top up with cheese slice

Note : To get a perfect fine shape, cut the idli when it is completely cooled.


  1. Wow..they look soooooo cute..very creative will love it..

  2. wow vasavi dinosaur idlis looks so cute ...very nice idea dear ...thanks for sharing


  3. wow this is so cute and how clever ....gud going

  4. wow that is so creative... nice collection!!

  5. Wow! That looks so cute, never thought of making something like this, very creative.
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  6. so cute and yummy!!! kids would love it..

  7. thats so creative.. vasavi superb .. so nice to see all the wonderful idlis.. thats awesome

  8. wow .. dynasors are so cute..beautiful colors..there is a award waiting for u in my blog

  9. Hi Vasavi...Those dinosaur idlis looks so adorable..Cuties..

    Thanks for your visit to our space and we hope you enjoyed your time there..

    You too have a nice space friend....See you often...

  10. are you kidding me ? now thts something , excellent idea , Kudos to you , love the dino idli , would have never thought of it myself , m gonna try this soon , my son is gonna love it :)

  11. Very innovative and fun ideas for kids. Nice to be here. Good space and interesting recipes.
    Best wishes, take care

  12. wow!luks amazing Vasavi...u have a lovely space.
    tnx 4 stopping by simply delicious dear

  13. Hey Vasavi

    very innovative dish and i hope kids will love it.

    Do visit my foodie blog when u find time


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